About us

Areta Style, A care for hair.

From a young age, i have had a care for hair. I was passionate about cutting, colouring and styling peoples hair.I took my first steps at U.C.O.M, Craiova, Romania, in 1985 and also spent many years of internship as an apprentice at Gorjana, Rovinari, Romania since 1989 where after years of education, I came to contribute to the new generation of hairstylists across the globe. In 1994 and 1995 he participated in colour seminars for L´Oreal at the Annual Hairstyling Festival in Budapest. In parallel, Areta ( I )studied the art of hairstyling at some of the most famous academies: Cristi Pascu, Goldwell Education, Vidall Sasoon, Patrick Cameron, Guy Tang and Mahogany.From Peforming some of the most advanced hair colouring techniques down to classic or contemporary hairstyles, Areta has become the owner to all the secrets of this art.I moved to the UK in 2015, in those 7 years since I moved from Romania to the UK, I have participated in all the events organized by Salon International in London. I discovered modern techniques and exchanged ideas with top stylists such as: Josh Wood, Guy Tang, Nicolas Jurnjack and Joshua Galvin.


My Passion

My passion for styling, cutting & colouring hair started from the second i touched a pair of professional hairdressing scissors. It was a magical moment for me and from then I knew what my passion was! They say if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life! iv been hairdressing for 37 years. I'm still just as passionate as the day i picked up them professional hairdressing scissors!
Every hair is telling a unique story and when bringing new & difficult challenges it motivates me to improve myself not only do I get to do this on an external level with the products I launch but I try my best to plant the right seeds in my clients souls to help them live a more confident life full with self-love, because that's what life is all about.

I aim to find other people just as passionate about hair and that care about helping others like I do so that Areta Style continues to be the destination for a new one of a kind beauty treatment, an inner beauty treatment that connects with the soul and brings out the real you!